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By using, you agree to the following terms and conditions: will provide you with services and search results from our search engine and our affiliate third party

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  Advertisers using agree to deposit an amount to cover their advertising costs due to clicks on their

advertised links. We ensure that the clicks are not manipulated and are unique as measured by a specific time period

of 24 hours. This means that only one click amount is deducted from your account under the same keyword if clicked

on more than once by the same visitor.

  Due to our affiliations with third-party directories, your keyword description might be displayed on their websites.

This will be treated transparently as if it was displayed on's search results. reserves the right to remove any advertiser or description found to be unlawful, distasteful or any

other apparent reason. will not be held liable for any websites or information contained in them.

  All deposits made into an advertiser account are non-refundable. does not make any warranty of sales or income that can be generated from the use of its' search

results or banner advertisement and no sales being generated by an advertiser does not constitute a refund.

  The official measure of clicks made to your description will solely be measured by using the statistics provided to 

you by our service in your Account Administration Panel.

  In the event that modifies the Terms and Conditions, will notify you of the changes

so you can be able to review them.

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