Advertise Your Website with the iTotalFind Contextual Network and Search Engine and reach over 10 Million Potential Customers every month

Get your website noticed today! At, you are in total control and you decide how and where your web site appears.
Take control and position your listings at the top of our search and contextual results to bring the most targeted visitors to your site.

Who we are
iTotalFind is a Performance-Based Advertising Network that reaches over 300,000 people daily through partnerships with top quality
web sites. iTotalFind Ads can connect you with new customers at the exact moment they are looking for your products or services.

What we do
We offer a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising solution, so you only pay for unique visitors that have clicked on your specific ad. What's
more, you set the price that you want to pay for each click, changing this price at any time as needed. Our easy to use on-line tools
allow you to manage your ad campaign in real-time! 


Where your ad will appear
iTotalFind uses a special technology to allow publishers to run your ad in multiple places.  With ads based on a content channel, your
ads will appear as Sponsored Links, Ads by iTotalFind, or other special integration into a publisher's site.  Publishers are categorized
into the most relevant iTotalFind Channel based on their sites content, enabling you to target your advertisement to a particular
audience.  For example, if you sell electronic items, you would likely want to place your ad in our Shopping Channel.  iTotalFind offers
27 Content-Channels for you to target your market.  Extending beyond Channels, you can also enable keyword usage.  This will allow
your ad to be seen on publisher content matching your selected keyword or phrase. 

Here is an example of how your ad will be shown on our Contextual Network under "Ads by iTotalFind"

Your ad will also be shown on the iTotalFind search engine along with partner search engines. You can see your ad displayed by performing
a search with any of your chosen keywords. Below is a search that was performed for the keyword: "cash advance"

Consumers are shown ads within the site's content with ads ranked according to a bid-for-placement system. If you bid more per click than any
of the other competing advertisers in any given channel, your ad will appear at the top of the list. Ads closest to the top are viewed most frequently,
so a high placement will generally produce more clicks than a lower placement.

Geographical Targeting

Are you advertising blindly?  Only iTotalFind gives you the power to select the country that can see your ads giving you the best possible results.  We currently deliver advertising to the following countries:

us[1].gif (9614 bytes)
The United States
canada[1].gif (6102 bytes)
uk[1].gif (5803 bytes)
The United Kingdom
australia[1].gif (6078 bytes)


When your ad will run
Your ad will appear in the Content Channels of your choosing for as long as you have more than $0 in your account. Once your account balance reaches zero, your ad is automatically removed from our ad network, until you add new funds.

Why choose
Because you are in total control of your advertising dollars! Unlike cost-per-thousand (CPM) advertising, the iTotalFind Network allows you to pay only for actual unique traffic to your site at the price that makes sense for you. You can monitor responses to your ad in real-time and change your bid price or ad copy as you see fit.
Over 2,200 Advertisers already use to generate more sales to their websites. Take a look by clicking here 

Advertiser Features
  - View, edit, create ads
  - Keyword Suggestion Tool
  - Receive Potential Customers starting from $0.05 per click
  - View Current Bids Tool
  - Create multiple ads in one account
  - Notification of low funds and exhausted funds
  - Real-time reporting
  - Setting of maximum daily spend per advertisement
  - Self-service system
Smart Bidding: Your bid will only increment by one cent to keep you above the competition. For example if you bid $0.15 and the advertiser below you bids $0.10, your bid will be reduced to $0.11 so that you save money but still stay ahead of your competition
  - Advanced Fraud Detection: We believe in increasing your ROI (sales), which is why we employ over 8 advanced fraud detection measures to ensure that you are only billed for the actual valid clicks. With our Advanced Click Gateway system, we make sure that the clicks you receive are of the highest quality, which in turn increases your success at making sales.
  - Ad Scheduling.  Set when ads will start and end.
  - Immediate Advertising Results. Your ads start displaying within 1 business day, usually in 2 hours.

With a minimum deposit of only $20 and no setup fees, start reaching potential customers today!

SPECIAL Limited Time Offer!

As a new advertiser we will give you up to 20% bonus deposit added to your advertising account when you deposit money into your advertising account.

Deposit:              Bonus Deposit:     FREE monetary deposit you will receive:
$20 - $49                 0%                        $0
$50 - $99                 5%                        $2.50 - $4.95
$100 - $499             10%                      $10 - $49.90
$500 - $999             15%                      $75 - $149.85
$1000+                    20%                     

"Selling flowers online is a very competitive business. With iTotalFind, we can reduce the amount of money we spend advertising while increasing the number of sales we receive.
iTotalFind is definitely a must to add to your marketing arsenal. Quick fact: We were able to generate a $59.99 flower bouquet sale while spending only $0.48 advertising at"

- Mindy C
, for


How to get started
In just a few minutes, you can create an account and have your ad running on our network, driving as many qualified visitors to your site as you'd like. Just follow these easy steps to have your account online within 2 hours:

1). Complete our online form to open your account.
2). Create your ad copy
3). Choose appropriate content channel(s) and/or keywords for your ad and place your bid
4). Add funds to your account
5). Track your clicks and manage your campaign

Click on the "Click Here to Sign Up" to get started.

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