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Jupiter Media Metrix Studies

Research Proves That Pay-For-Placement Search Listings Deliver Bottom Line Results.

Jupiter Media Metrix, a leading research and analysis company, recently conducted two studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the pay per click search model.

"Jupiter believes the paid search model succeeds precisely because consumers find relevant listings, advertisers only pay for qualified traffic, and the interests of the publisher are allied with both of those constituencies."1

Jupiter published analysis on the following topics:
ROI for Advertising Methods       How Consumers Search       Advertiser Satisfaction

Return on Investment (ROI) for Online Advertising Methods

Respondents who track performance say that they received the highest return on investment (ROI) from pay for placement search.2

How Consumers Search for Products Online

"Paid search placement...has proved itself one of the more successful online advertising models, capitalizing on the alignment of consumer need and advertiser interest."1

Advertisers' Overall Satisfaction

Online advertisers have a significantly higher level of satisfaction with search listings than with any other online advertising method they have used or are currently using.2


  1. Jupiter Media Metrix, Paid Search Engine Placement, July 2001
  2. Jupiter Media Metrix: Online Advertising Effectiveness Study, August 2001

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Search Listings Study

Search Listings Outperform Banner Ads and Tiles.

A study conducted in January 2001 by NPD Group, a research group specializing in consumer purchasing and behavior, tested the impact of search listings, banner ads and tiles across a variety of sites (both branded and unbranded) to determine which was most effective. In every situation, search listings came out on top.

NPD published analysis on the following topics:
Awareness of Sites  Likelihood to Read or Click  Opinion of Sites  How Sites are Reached

Search listings drive the highest awareness for a site.

Search listings rank significantly higher in likelihood to read or click.

Sites listed in search listings are considered more favorable than those in banners and tiles.

Consumers are five times more likely to purchase products after seeing search listings versus banners. is the intelligent choice for your online advertising campaign.

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