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Consumers, visitors and web surfers has totally changed the traditional internet search engine capabilities to make your web search

easier and more effective. has made the effort to list sites that are relevant to your search, which allows you to find the 

items and products you need much faster and easier. 

To start using as your search engine, please type in the item or service you are looking for,

in the search box above and click on "Go" or press "Enter" on your keyboard. Try it! It's easier than
1, 2, 3!

I tried doing searches on for my son today. I jumped from to about 20 or 30 sites in the 
search results, trying to gain knowledge of competitors to his proposed business. Its a great search engine and site - 
wouldn't want to be without it. 

Strategic Management Associates

Would you to like to be where up to 80% of Internet users look to purchase products and services on-line?

It has been proven that most people will search for the items they are looking for at a search engine, so why not put your
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Imagine having potential customers find your site with relevant keyword searches and best of all, you determine the cost
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In a few minutes, you can start driving targeted traffic to your site. There's no better time to apply than right now!
You will have a predetermined budget: Once your account is activated, your leads are generated based on specific keywords and phrases you choose. You will never spend more than your advertising account deposit

You will receive detailed reports: Clearly displayed reports will show exactly how much traffic each search term is generating and the associated cost, letting you know which of your keywords are most effective.

You will have complete control:  You can add keywords or change bids at any time; you are always in control of your

advertising campaign with advanced account management tools.

The higher your bid, the higher your site's placement within our search results. This is better than the Yellow Pages, as it

allows potential customers not only identify you for the business you are in, but can actually get more information or
purchase products/services at time of interest.  To find out more market research about please click here


Here are the following benefits of advertising on 

  10% Matching Bonus: Open a new account and receive up to a 10% FREE deposit into your advertising account!

  Cost Effective: You set the amount that you would like to spend as low as $0.05 per click. You only pay for the

traffic that you receive.

  First place positioning: Using our customized bidding tool, you can make your site #1 on our Contextual
Search Engine and Advertising Network.

  No hidden costs: There is a set monthly account fee which you can use to advertise your site.  You only deposit the
 money you  would like to spend.

  Extremely Targeted Traffic: By advertising on, you will be able to receive visitors interested in your

site because they read your description and title.

  Easy Account Management: Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to add/modify your listings and 

and see how much traffic you have received.

  Immediate Listings: Your website listings go live immediately after approval during business hours. You will not have
 to wait days to see them live.

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