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iTotalFind Publisher Program

Become an iTotalFind Publisher and start making money today!

With the iTotalFind Publisher Program, the opportunity to generate additional revenue on your site has never been better or easier. Signing up takes only a few minutes and requires minimal HTML code. iTotalFind allows you to earn additional
income by simply dislaying targeted contextual banners on your websites. Since the code is not a pop-up or pop-under, it is absolutely non-intrusive to your visitors.

The iTotalFind Advertising Feeds
iTotalFind provides various advertising feeds to match your site layout.  From our Easy Feed option, to an XML based feed
for advanced integration, we have an integration that can fit your web site.

Specially developed for easy integration, the iTotalFind Easy Feed and Fast Formats (Banner 468 x 60,
Leaderboard 729 x 90, Tower 120 x 600, Rectangle 300 x 250) are the fastest and easiest hands-off revenue-generating
tool. All you need to do is simply insert a small HTML code into your site, and you are done!

A Sample Easy Feed



If you own a Search Engine, you can display targeted iTotalFind Ads beside your search results. This will give people an alternative option to find search results that you will be paid for. Results can be displayed using our Sidebar easy
integration which you can choose when you login to your publisher account. 

A Sample Sidebar Feed shown on the search engine when a search for "cash advance" was performed.


Revenue Earnings
Each time a unique visitor clicks on an iTotalFind served ad on your site, you earn up to 50% of the associated bid.

The more visitors you have going to your site, the more ads are displayed which earns you more money. With
minimum bids starting at $0.05 and going to $25 per click you can earn a substantial amount very quickly.

Estimate Your Earnings

Would you like to know how much you could make by displaying iTotalFind ads on your site? 
For example: If your site receives 100,000 monthly visitors and the click-through rate is 50% with an average bid
of $0.20 you would make: $3,500 per month!

iTotalFind Publisher Earnings Calculator

Estimated # of monthly visitors
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Click-through rate are in percentage %
* Average click thru price $
* Payment Percentage
Estimate Monthly Earnings Total $

* These fields represent the average amount and cannot be changed.
This is an estimate only - actual revenues will vary


           Commission Structure:


Payment Period Commision Earnings

Commision Rate


Under $50.00








Example:  All sites start as a Level 1 Publisher.  If you earn over $50.00 but less than $1000 in a single month, your account will become a Level 2 Publisher the month following that month's payment. Should your account fall below its current Level commision requirements for two consecutive months, it will be adjusted accordingly.

If your site receives 100,000 or more unique visitors each month, you can contact us after creating your account to have your Commission Rate increased to 50%. Your site must be ranked in the Top 100,000 sites according to If you own a search engine and you receive 50,000 or more searches a month, you can contact us after creating your account to have your Commission Rate increased to 50%. You must be able to supply us with proof of the number of searches done on your site monthly.


Detailed Reports on Click Activity
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you can access your account to quickly view click statistics, number of ads

served on your site, funds due to you, and more.

Maximize Your Revenue
There are no costs to implement the iTotalFind Advertising Feeds, no sign-up or activation fees. The inventory is sold, so

there's no need to have your sales team selling the advertising space. Our agreement is non-exclusive, so you can continue
to run other advertising networks on your site - just add ours on to earn more cash. What's more, the bidding system used
by advertisers to place their ads exerts an upward pressure on prices. As advertisers 'outbid' one another for better
placement, bid prices go up. Over time, you benefit from higher prices.

Free Publisher Program
You never have to pay any money to join the iTotalFind Publisher Program. As our partner, you will be able to make commissions on over 2,000 current advertisers using 

Get Paid
Are you tired of waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days after the end of the month to get paid for your hard work? We are too!

Unlike other Ad Networks that hold your checks for long periods of time, iTotalFind pays you every 2 Weeks (15 days).
You can check the payment schedule by clicking here. You can receive payment by check or by Paypal. 

Keep your website visitors
When a person clicks on any of the iTotalFind Ads on your site, it will open the advertiser's site in a new window.

This way people can always go back to your site when they are finished with the advertiser's site. 

No Exclusive Contracts
As an iTotalFind Publisher, there are no contracts and no exclusivity. You can display "Ads by iTotalFind" along with any

other advertising you currently have on your site, so you can supplement your income. 

You're In Control
Once you sign up, there is no obligation to use our advertising feeds. Run it for as long as you wish, and easily activate

and deactivate as you see fit. Our formats are also very flexible. From banner text ad displays to XML, the choice is
completely up to you. Just cut and paste the simple line of code on to your site and start displaying iTotalFind Ads and
making money today.

Takes Only a Few Minutes to Apply
Completing our simple on-line form takes only 3 minutes and pasting the system generated (html) code is easy even for

the most novice web user. Your application will be reviewed within 1 business day. You will be notified by email upon your acceptance into the program.

"Thanks for all generous supports. Payments were always on schedule. I will definitely work with itotalfind for long term business and send all traffic." - Jeff Z, Easy Monitoring

"By just placing a few lines of code that was provided to me by iTotalFind, I was able to make over $500 each month. The great thing is I didn't
have to do any extra work since the traffic I had coming to my site would just click on the iTotalFind ads and I didn't have to get advertisers to
advertise on my site."  - John K,

Please note: In order to join the iTotalFind Publisher Program, you will need to own your website so you can add "Ads by iTotalFind" to your site. No affiliate sites are allowed. No surfing or paid-to sites are allowed. No incentivized clicking on ads or indication by you for your visitors to click on the ads is allowed.

We are currently not accepting new publishers at this time.

Still have Questions? View our Publisher Frequently Asked Questions here.

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