iTotalFind Toolbar

Web Surfers

The Toolbar integrates into Internet Explorer and works with all versions of Windows 95 - XP.

It allows you to search the web from any website without having to go to the iTotalFind Search Engine site. It gives

you quick access to the thousands of listings found at so you can find what you need quicker!

It includes these great features:

- iTotalFind Logo button: This shows a drop-down menu that allows you to manage your advertising account and links

you directly to the homepage.

- Search button: Search the internet for any product,  service or anything by using this search button. To use it,

please enter the item or keyword you are looking for and click "Enter" on your keyboard or you can click the "Search"


- Quick Links button: This will perform a quick search on the search engine for "home business",

"marketing sites"and "Home Finance". It also allows you to view a shopping site and check your FREE email.

- Suggested Sites button: This button will connect you directly to:

a). Get FREE Email: You can sign up for a FREE 6MB email address. 3 times more space for your messages than Hotmail!

b). CNN News: For up to date current news.

c). Weather Forecast: Help you plan your day around the weather in your city.

d). Movie Showtimes: Find the movies you want, at a click of a button.

e). Travel: Find great deals at this money-saving travel site.

f). Map Directions: Tired of getting lost? Use this feature to save yourself time.

g). Finance News: Learn how to properly invest your hard-earned money.

h). Autos: Shopping for a new car just got easier.

i). Job Search: With jobs hard to find, this quick reference button will get you to where the jobs are listed.

j). Yellow Pages: Quick connection to find the business you are looking for.

k). White Pages: Connect directly with people you want to find.


Minimum System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Internet Explorer 5 or 6

The toolbar does not contain any spyware or adware, so you can rest assured that your
download and use of the toolbar is safe.


Download instructions:

1). Click the "Download" link here: 

DOWNLOAD the toolbar for FREE by clicking here!

Over 2,900 people have downloaded the toolbar so far!


2). Please click on "Save" to download the software.

3). Follow the instructions.

4). Close the internet explorer window.

5). Double click the setup file you downloaded to install the software.

6). After going through the setup, open internet explorer by double clicking on the Internet Explorer button.

7). Manually select the iTotalFind Toolbar using the menu displayed below (Click on View, then Toolbars, then                



Now you can search for what you need by typing the words you are searching for in the search box located

on your browser and then pushing Enter on your keyboard.

If you have any questions, please contact us by: clicking here

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